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As a little boy, I always wanted to play professional baseball. I trained, worked, skipped parties and fun time growing up as a kid. I signed as a free agent out of college and had the opportunity to play 6 years in the minor leagues.

What I learned on my journey from little league to the pros was how to develop discipline, overcome fear and doubt, develop skills, focus and find a way to win regardless of how the odds are stacked. After baseball ended, I was heart broken and depressed and living on my parent's couch. Forced to reinvent myself, I set out into the family business of helping people buy and sell real estate. Unfulfilled and unsatisfied, I set out to reinvent myself once again. I uprooted my life and moved to Orange County, CA where I began to work in the personal development and business coaching arena. After rising to the top of the company and breaking sales records, I realized that my purpose in life was to help, teach, train and coach people to higher levels of performance and production in their business and lives. I traveled the country and trained over 30,000 people in the area of sales, mindset, discipline and leadership. Using the tools and strategies inside The League (Our coaching and mentorship program) I’ve been blessed now to help our clients grow from an average of $40,000 to over $637,000 in personal income while having more liberty and freedom in their lives.

If you are on the quest to unlock more of your potential, and get more influence, more income, and have more impact in your life, than I want to invite you to connect with us in some capacity. Whether you put yourself in one of our free trainings, sign up for one of our courses or become one of the legends inside The League, I want you to know that I am personally committed to your success. Because that’s what it takes my friend.

Find a way,

Coach David Keesee


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