Decades ago…Inside the Real Estate retail space, the Real Estate agent was known as the expert…

A Professional. 

Much like a doctor or a lawyer.

They were revered as powerful, important and helpful to the public.

They were THE EXERT.

As time went on…in the early 2000’s…the real estate agent began to dominate. Selling more houses, making more money and selling real estate became “easy”.

Inside of that ease, was a flood of mediocre agents that came into the business. 

Greed took over.

Selfishness plagued the industry.

This flood caused the “Expert” name to weaken over time and by 2006…it happened. 

The bubble. 

The market crashed. 

People were losing their houses. 

The economy was tanking and the blame…

was on the agent.

It didn’t matter if their were good ones.

It didn’t matter if it was their fault or not. 

The mediocrity that had entered the industry, corrupted the professionalism.

It eroded the expert name of the agent.

Today…modern professional agents still fight everyday to win that trust back from the consumer.

They still compete to take over that mediocrity.  To become known as the expert again.

But birthed from that mediocrity that plagues us…

Came a borage of attacks.

An attack from technology.

An attack from big companies seeking to remove the agent.


Consumer rejection…

Even rejection and attack from other agents and real estate professionals.

Big coaching companies began to emerge and took advantage of the scenario and began to “coach” agents too higher levels of production.

They began partnering with some of these technology companies. 

Some good. 

Some not. 

Today…there are a small group of agents that have made a stand.

They are an underground fight club of agents. 

They make a stand to find a way to win inside the industry that we know today. 

Agents who are committed to a NEW WAY that resembles that of the old days.

A professionalism

Being the expert. 

To wake up every day and wage war on the marketplace…searching for a way to win inside this environment we find ourselves in.

They’ve found this way of winning not by practicing scripts…

Not by practicing “Ultimate Open Houses”...

Not by buying into gimmicks or trick tactics. 

But by waking up to the reality of themselves, their lives and businesses. 

Waking up to their purpose for their life. 

Making a difference inside their real estate market.

Changing the way that real estate is done.

In a world where agents have become codependent on fake advice, hoping, day dreaming, turning to fake gurus that provide little value in way of liberating them from the chains and attacks that have been placed on them…

In world where gurus give more “done for you” tactics and tricks….

Find A Way Agent turns inward and changes the core being of who a real estate agent is so that they are able to easily and effortless access power, performance and production in a way that rises them over the competition and sets the standard. 

Find A Way Agent is a Movement about


Of authenticity and Power.

Of mastery of the tools necessary for building big shit.

It’s the movement for the agent step into their calling and find a way to win in their business & life in a world where the odds have are stacked against them.


It is a movement for awakening to the reality of your situation that you have allowed inside the coma of mediocrity that society has put you in by way of noise, pressure, and attack.


The pressure to have a profit based business, to build and support an empire and tribe not knowing when your next paycheck will be, or what the market will turn to or how it will turn…the weight of that pressure is heavy!


In today's industry...If you can’t find the power and purpose inside of you…that power, that divine calling and guidance, and you’re not armed with the tools of guidance, influence and mental toughness, you are not going to make it. Because you will not be able to predict your income or future.  You will not be able to compete in the fight that is brought against you everyday.


Find A Way Agent is the story of liberation to a new reality where you become a leader amongst lemmings . A rebel amongst the rest. You learn to see with new eyes.  You begin to see what others cannot see.  The possibility of promise, of paradise that you know is within your grasp.


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