Broken Cars, Integrity and Bandaids

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2017

Broken Cars, Integrity & Bandaids

POINT #1: If you would just address the small things that are in the way, you would accelerate your results. 

POINT #2:  A small breech of integrity leads to massive repair or even replacement later.  


1. Where is your life are you just trying to cover up, play off and hope nobody notices? 

2. What kind of results would you get if you took those things head on?


"Don't try to put a bandaid on situations that require surgery."

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3 Most Common Performance Stoppers

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2017

The 3 Most Common Performance Stoppers

POINT #1: Philosophy- Do you look at things from an empowering standpoint? Or do you look at things in a way that makes you feel like a victim?

POINT #2:  Strategy- Is your strategy that you are using "relevant" to the results you are trying to get? 

POINT #3: Skills- Do you have the right skills that are effectively bringing you the results you seek? 


1. Is it possible that my philosophy in certain parts of my life is holding me back from being effective and powerful? 

2. Are there parts of my strategy that need be updated and revised to get better results? 

3. What skills do you need to develop or hone to grow to a higher level? 



"Consider that life is not happening to you.  It is happening for you."

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Why is it So Hard to Wake Up Early & Crush It?!

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2017

Why is it so Hard to Wake Up Early & Crush it?

POINT #1: Discipline is demonstrated in moments of decision more than anything else. 

POINT #2:  Waking up early and having a strong morning routine is about setting up your environment to support you in doing it.   


1. How can you set up your morning routine in a way that makes you most likely to stay consistent with it?


"You will be disciplined to the degree that you have consciously set up your life to ALLOW you to be disciplined." 

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The #1 Thing Killing Your Business

Uncategorized May 30, 2017

If you're stuck and you can't get to the next level in your business, there's a very good chance it comes down to your communication. A lot of times, in your life, in your business, your language shapes and reveals your life. It also shapes and reveals your business.

Start to communicate with people more real, more raw, more not hiding anything, no agenda, telling them your intentions. So that people know how to support you.

Everybody has ideas. your ideas are very rarely unique. Your goals and dreams are very rarely unique. Other people have ambitions too, other people have dreams too.

People appreciate real, raw, transparent and just even a little bit of a vulnerability. When you can do that, when you can be fearless in your communication, it is amazing how much more powerful you become.

Start to communicate at a higher level and you will watch your business transform before your very eyes.




Hi everybody! Welcome to this edition of find away TV! Today...

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You're Quitting?!?!

Uncategorized May 25, 2017

Why do you quit when it gets hard? You're not taking into consideration, that what you want, everybody wants. Going through the struggle is what makes you.



Let me ask you something. Why do you quit when it gets hard? Why do you quit? You make this commitment, you're like "yeah, I said I'm gonna do whatever it takes" and you even gain momentum sometimes. Sometimes you're starting to gain momentum and you quit. I don't get why you would do that I guess I do. I guess I do.

You know growing up, I always said I want to be a professional baseball player. Let me set this one like when I was four years old I'd be like, "I want to be a professional baseball player". You know what, when you're young, everybody wants to be a professional baseball player. All the guys and all the boys are like, "me too. I'm gonna be a professional baseball player. I want to be the best." Until, it came time to skip the parties on Friday nights and hit until your hands bleed. All of a sudden...

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Take it Head on

They call it break-through for a reason. If there were an easier way, it would be called break-around. But it's not...Go find a way!


We can be all that much better.

Do you know somebody who has a lot of talent but doesn't do anything with it? This ability to influence will make that happen. What is possible for you is endless. What is stopping you is just an illusion.
You know what bugs the hell out of me? When my mind tells me that there's some other way around it. When my mind tells me I
don't like to do it that way, I want to do it a comfortable way. Do you have anything in your life that you want to accomplish and then there you find out the steps that have to happen and you're like, oh! I wonder if there's an easier way to do that. I wonder if I can do it another way.

You know, I'm here to tell you I've tried that path. I've tried the path of 'let me try something else',  you know what, 'I don't like that app', 'I don't like that', 'I don't like Facebook', 'I...

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2 Ways to Increase Influence

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2017

Sales people make the world go round. If we remove sales people, tomorrow the economy stops. But the number one thing that holds sales people back is they just don't ask for the sale enough. You got to get out there and you got to ask. Consider that your client doesn't get any value from you, unless you get them to take action. Your client doesn't have any value unless you get them to get your product and get the benefits from that. Otherwise, you're wasting their time. You're just wasting their time and that's worse than wasting their money.



(We can be all that much better (better). Do you know somebody who has a lot of talent, but doesn't do anything with it? This ability to influence... Make that happen. What is possible for you is endless, what is stopping you is just an illusion.)

Hey there! Are you a salesperson? Are you somebody who makes their income and makes their living off of selling things? Are you selling houses? Are you selling...

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Dealing with Disappointment

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2017

 Getting the success is just going through disappointment after disappointment without you losing enthusiasm. The disappointments aren't the issue. The issue is you don't have enough going on, where all the sudden one disappointment is extremely disappointing. People think "I need to get motivated to take action", but that's not true. If you'll take action, you'll get motivated. Motivation comes from making progress. You getting movement forward. Take a ton of action and drown out that disappointment with so much positive action forward that one disappointment is never disappointing.


(We can be all that much better (better). Do you know somebody who has a lot of talent but doesn't do anything with it? This ability to influence... Make that happen. What is possible for you is endless, what's stopping you is just an illusion.)

So how do you deal [with] it? How do you handle the disappointments that happen in business? How do you handle this disappointments that...

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The 3 Phases of Growing

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2017

Why is growing so difficult sometimes?  Whether you are trying to grow in your business or even a relationship, it can be challenging.  It can sometimes feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel and when you get off, you end up where you started.  There are three phases of growth you have to go through in order to continue to the next level.  The first phase of growth is being effected by circumstances.  So, if you’re surrounded by negativity, you’re going to be effected with negativity.  In this case, you are relying on the circumstances to fit what you’re committed to.  The next phase is learning how to separate yourself from the circumstances.  You do not allow distractions to throw you off the path of getting the results you’re committed to.  The circumstances will no longer dictate how you perform.  The third phase is learning how to influence yourself, and figuring out what motivates you, what...

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In a slump?

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2017


A “slump” can be experienced by anyone.  That feeling of being consumed by quicksand and it often feels like there is no way out, but this feeling can be escaped by implementing principles.  Slumps begin in the mental and then they bleed into the physical.  The mind can become one’s worst enemy.  The mind can make you question yourself and only thinks about all the things that are going wrong, rather than the things that you are doing right.  This leads to paralysis by analysis, and you begin sinking deeper into the quicksand.  Here are a couple of ideas for you to get out of a slump:

#1- You need to be able to let go of the opinion your mind forms about a situation to take away the emotion attached to it.  Once you take away the emotion and opinion,

#2- Choose an empowering meaning.  Look at a situation for what it truly is without emotion.  This new perspective will allow you to look at a situation in a more...

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