Take it Head on

They call it break-through for a reason. If there were an easier way, it would be called break-around. But it's not...Go find a way!


We can be all that much better.

Do you know somebody who has a lot of talent but doesn't do anything with it? This ability to influence will make that happen. What is possible for you is endless. What is stopping you is just an illusion.
You know what bugs the hell out of me? When my mind tells me that there's some other way around it. When my mind tells me I
don't like to do it that way, I want to do it a comfortable way. Do you have anything in your life that you want to accomplish and then there you find out the steps that have to happen and you're like, oh! I wonder if there's an easier way to do that. I wonder if I can do it another way.

You know, I'm here to tell you I've tried that path. I've tried the path of 'let me try something else',  you know what, 'I don't like that app', 'I don't like that', 'I don't like Facebook', 'I don't like Instagram', 'I don't like prospecting', 'I don't like doing videos'. I've had that path 'let me figure out another way', and I'm here to tell you, there is no other way. That thing that you are avoiding, that thing that you're resisting is the exact thing that you need to take on, for you to go to the next level, for you to start to achieve some of the growth that you're looking for.

Look, I know there's been this whole thing that's been going up there in the personal development industry about in the motivation industry about just, just ignore the things you're not good at. And just go all in on what you're good at and there's some truth to that, but I got to tell you if you go all in on that idea, you are setting yourself up for failure. That is not how growth happens.

You know how successful people think? They think where do I need to go and what needs to get done. It's not about like, oh well "I'm good and so I'm only going to do the things", "I'm only, I'm good at this so I'm only going to do that thing I'm good at". That is going to set you up for failure there are things that you're going to need to learn to take on and do at least in the beginning in order to get where you need to go.

So I don't know what it is for you right like I was just talking to a friend he's like, "Look I want to do an interview with you", and "I want to", "Will you help me grow my business if I can do an interview with you and you know maybe you know you can track some of the people that are in your world over my world I'm really trying to be successful I want to interview you and kind of go on your coat tails", and I'm like, "You know what cool! let's do it!", I'm like, "Set up a Google hangout, let's do it! He's like, "Oh, I don't like Google hangout. And I'm like, "Well how do you propose we do this?",and he's like, "Well I just was hoping that you could randomly record the the stuff and then I'll just add in questions.." and I'm like, "That's not an interview, that's like a whole process that we have to do", and it didn't even really make sense to me. And what occurred to me was this... simple as google hangouts. It's like literally going to your Google account, press GO, press invite, press go, bam! We are doing a live interview. And for some reason there's just some hang-up, there's some resistance to that thing. What is it for you? Is it a hang-up around making a certain call? Is it a hang-up around calling certain people? Is it a hang-up around doing video like this? Get your ass out there and go do some video. It is not going away anytime soon. If you want to grow your business, you and I both know you need to do video. Get out there stop resisting the video and go do it. Is it something maybe you need to get up early in the morning. Go work out. Is it a diet that you need to start eating a little bit cleaner, start eating a little bit more fruits and vegetables?

What are you resisting? That you know if you took it on you would go to the next level because I promise you right now that thing that you're resisting, that dragon that you need to slay, is the thing that you have to take on and I'm hoping you're watching this video and coming to a place like hmm, I wonder like, is that the thing, is that the thing that I'm having to do or is there another way around it? I'm here to tell you there is no other way around it. Your job is to get okay with it and get inspired by the idea of taking on that thing that you don't want to do that you know you need to do in order to grow to the next level. The way to your goal my friend the way to your goals is not around the obstacle. It's to take it on and go right through it. And then adopt the mindset right, because then then this whole resistance thing like how do you get past all that? You just become okay with it. You change the way you look at this obstacle, not so much as an obstacle like a big hairy monster coming at you that's not what it is. It's an opportunity for you to grow to the next level. You are not going to be able to make more money, you're not going to be able to have more clients, you're not going to be able to have more success without growth.

I think it was Jim Rome that said, you know your income will rarely exceed your level of personal development. You need to grow to another level, only way to do that is for you to take on the challenges, for you to take on the problems head-on, look them dead in the eye, and say you know what? I'm going to take this on. I'm going to become somebody who overcomes this. And I may not have to do it forever, you know I may not have to do the Facebook ads myself forever, I may not have to do the phone calls myself forever. But I'm going to take it on right now and I'm going to grow it. That's the only way.

What are you resisting? That's my question for you. What are you resisting that you know if you took it on head-on that you would be able to go to the next level? And then I want you to get off this video and I want you to go take it head-on.