Changing Old Habits

“What we ARE is determined by What we THINK.  And what we think is determined by What we LEARN.  And what we learn is determined by what we EXPERIENCE.  And what we experience is determined by What we are EXPOSED to.  -Mike Vance
This quote has always made me think.  Our entire lives we’ve being conditioned! Our way of thinking, our way of behaving and ultimately our habits and routines that we have.
The problem of course is, some of those habits are effective for us in getting to the goals we’ve set for ourselves and some are well…not so effective 
So how do you get rid of the bad ones to make room for some NEW GOOD HABITS?
Here are 4 things you can do:

1. Analyze and find out what exactly is the obstacle (s).

2. Determine and get clear on your desired outcome.

3. Find out what gap is between your outcome and the obstacle.

4. Explore the NEW alternative towards dissolving these obstacles…

I need to dissolve the obstacle (or bad habit) of going to bed at ridiculous hours. I’m going to be exploring more alternatives, setting my alarm to go to bed in addition to my morning alarm.

What’s the #1 obstacle you haven’t figured out how to dissolve yet?