Are you thinking too much?

When do you know you are thinking too much? 

Are you the type of person that agonizes over a decision before you take action? 

What would it be like for you and your business if you took the action first, analyzed, learned from it and then took more action? 

Action --> Learn --> Tweak --> Repeat

Don't get analytical before the action.  Take the action then analyze.  

Live by the 40% rule.  Once you have 40% of the data you need, take action! 


Are you thinking too much?

This video's for all my analytical folks out there, right. I just had a coaching client email me and say, "Hey! What do you think of the sign? Should it be green? Should it be black? Should it be red? Should it be this way? And after we already established, we've already established that is a good-looking sign, you should keep that sign. And now going back over it again and again I mean, Are you the type of person that agonizes over a postcard for two weeks before you actually send it out? Do you do you have to like analyze the data on an expired listing before you call it?

Let me ask you something. What would it be like for your business if you, if you just took the action. Look, I want you to think about it like this. Instead of analyzing to take the action, that's backwards. Good old-fashion marketing says, good old-fashion marketing says, you take the action, you test it, then you analyze it and then you tweak, right. Analyzing before taking the action, that's just you guessing, that's you hypothesizing about what would happen. - 'Here's what happened when Jimmy did it.', 'Here's what happened when Carl did it'. That, that doesn't, that doesn't mean anything. It's not when you do it. It's not the way you do it, right.

If you're going to send out a Facebook ad for some leads, you don't say, 'Okay, where should I do it? And analyze over it. You take three ads, you make them as good as you think you can do it, and then you send it out. And then you test it, and you tweak it, and you analyze it. There you say, 'Okay, wow. This, this ad got a lot of views, where this one didn't. This one had a lot of clicks, but this one didn't. You know, what can we tweak? What do I think? It wasn't this and the it's called beta testing.

So, I just want you to get that you don't you don't get analytical before you take the action. You take the action and then you get analytical about it, and then you tweak and adjust.

You know my uncle was a Navy Seal, and he said that he used to live by something called the forty percent rule, which basically said he called me DJ, he's a DJ. Once I'm forty percent sure and I have forty percent of the data, I take action. He's like, because if I wait around for fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety percent of the data, number one, it never comes, number two, the data tends to change because everything's always moving. And you know also it just takes too much time. It takes too much time and the opportunity has passed you. It's not like the opportunities going to sit there forever.

You know people who were, when Facebook Ads first came out, people were killing it! They were making a killing on Facebook ads. And then it's threaded to go away. And all the people that were sitting there analyzing - 'Should I do it?', Should I not do it?', 'How do I do it?', 'Should I do it?'. You know, 'How does this work?', and, 'If I send it out, what should I do?'. And then it passed them by, and then they took action, and then it get all the stuff that they had before.

You know in real estate, much like in business, it really if you like to make a lot of money in real estate, it's kind of like, this you beat the market to a spot, right. You see where all the eyeballs are going. You get there first. You let the market come to you and then you make all the money. And then when everybody comes and copies you, you're moving on to the next thing, as opposed to you trailing behind. And that's what analyzing everything will do.

So I want to encourage you, want to nudge you, to take a bit of action. To get about forty percent sure, take a lot of action and then track and measure all of that, and see what happens. See what happens and then start to tweak it off of that.

You know, I've actually had a lot of breakthroughs with my coaching clients about this. You know they'll come into my program and then we'll start to work on stuff and we'll realize you know. It doesn't matter. Just take the action. I got to be honest with you. A lot of times if you just take enough action, stuff will work out. You know, I think it was Jim Rohn that said, 'You can make up in numbers what you lack in skill. You can make up in numbers what you lack in skill which is, is true. I found that to be true. You can actually make up the numbers what you lack in skill, right. If you just talk to a hundred people a day, you're going to find listings even in spite of, you know, any lack of skills or any lack of confidence that you have.

So, here's for the next week, I don't know if I'm going to do another video again. But for the next week, work on finding out what action you want. What's the outcome you want. Take the action, and then analyze the data to get you that those results that you want okay? Alright hope that helps.